YOU CAN BE GREAT! (What you must digest)

My latest book, Unleashing the Greatness in You, is available via and wherever fine books are sold! Here’s an excerpt specially for readers of my blog — I write a lot about failure, but I can assure anyone who’s experienced it (including myself) that it’s not the end. We can recover and resume our journey to greatness.


YOU CAN BE GREAT! (What you must digest)


“Every human is endowed with the seed of greatness and is designed to contribute.” – Dr John Ng


My son, Shun, is a professional artiste, a finger-style guitarist. At the age of 14, he picked up his first guitar, which I had bought for him as a Christmas present. Since that day, he has taught himself the guitar and has honed his skills by watching all the incredible guitarists and musicians on YouTube. He is truly fired up. Guitar and music have become his passion and obsession.

He has been nominated for the International Artiste of the Year for four consecutive years at the Boston Music Awards since 2013, and won it in 2015. Nominated by the people in the music industry, he was Buddy Holly’s Hall of Fame Holly Prize winner in 2016.

Shun was talent-scouted by the legendary Quincy Jones, who organized a concert for him in Los Angeles. Today, he lives in Boston and is eking out a living as an artiste. Many of my friends have enjoyed his music, compositions and the story of how a boy with dyslexia and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) found his passion in music.

Those who have seen Shun play admire his incredible dexterity with the guitar and great voice. Some called him a musical genius. Many think he has achieved greatness in music. In one of my conversations with Shun, we discussed the concept of greatness. He acknowledged that he has come very far and that he is far from perfect. Then, he commented, “Actually, everyone can be great. It’s just that their talents are undiscovered or get snuffed out when they are young. So, they never achieve greatness.” That struck for a while.

I believe he is right. That started my journey of exploring the concept of greatness.

I believe everyone can be great. You too can be great.

I have been researching, studying, listening, discussing, and exchanging ideas about greatness with thought leaders and leading thinkers over the past 25 years. We all came to the same conclusion: Greatness exists in all of us!

Despised, deprived or discarded,
You don’t have to stay that way.
You can live a great life.
This is not an illusion.

First, start believing again,
Take charge of your life.
You must want to change.
Nobody can do that for you.
You must want to unleash your greatness so badly that you will do whatever it takes to get there.

Hit rock bottom in your life
Be so sick of your own mediocrity that you want to turn it around.
Or remain in the doldrums of despair.

You must be committed.

This is not a self-help book.

This is a book about YOU and how you can unleash your greatness.

— You can be great again and be the best you ever want to be.

— You can move from the ordinary to achieve greatness.

— You can chase your own dreams and fulfill them.

— You can make your own history.

This is a book about Being, not just Doing. In this book, you will learn about:

— How you can develop your character and values while society seeks to derail you.

— How you can change your perspective about yourself and develop greater self-awareness and self-management.

— How you can earn the respect of people, even those who don’t believe in you or who oppose you.

— How you can find your own voice and drown out the noises that distract and discourage.

— How you can discover your flow.

— How you can nurture your passion and drive to do what you are called to do.

— How you can be emotionally healthy.

— How you can sustain your energy and lead for the long haul.

— How you can learn to recover from moral failures and restart your life.

I am a realist. I know there are many challenges and hindrances to greatness. I want to deal with issues that most books are loathe to deal with, like sex and greed. Unless we confront these obstacles, we can never become great because we will be derailed by them. Many of us don’t become great because of:

■ The Deceitfulness of Self-Deception

■ The Molding of Moral Decay

■ The Dark Side of Success

■ The Web of Weakness

■ The Challenge of Fit

■ The Sensuality of Sex

■ The Grip of Greed

■ The Fear of Fear

■ The Tyranny of Toxicity

I believe that you can overcome these issues if you are honest about them, confront them and rise from ashes like the proverbial phoenix.

I believe that no matter how high you have fallen; no matter how long you have been locked up in your own closet of self-disbelief; no matter how much you have been betrayed; no matter how painful your past may be; and no matter how deep your despair has been, you can strive towards greatness!

Many others have done it. So can you.

Why do I believe in this so strongly? Because…

— I have met incredible people who have been crushed, mangled and twisted, and yet somehow, they managed to turn around and unleash their greatness.

— I have interviewed leaders from different countries and heard them articulate principles of greatness.

— I have read, listened, and analyzed much research and synthesized them into simple core beliefs and intentional practices to becoming great.

— I have discussed this with many thought leaders and they have laid out these same principles of greatness.

— I have coached and supported many different individuals to reach their potential and achieve their own greatness.

— I have the distinct honor and opportunity of working with people of all ages, statuses, cultures, ethnicities and personalities, and help them fulfill their dreams to greatness.

— I have seen my own children unleash the greatness in their lives.

— I am a recipient of God’s grace, despite my checkered past and many failures, and have a loving, caring community of friends, who believe in me and help me on the journey to greatness. I am still a work in progress.

So I hope you are ready to unleash the greatness in you…because there is HOPE for you.

At the end of your journey, you will discover that your Creator, God has entrusted, enabled, encouraged and empowered you with the gift of greatness so that you can reflect His character and image of a Great God.

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