Shared Leadership

  • Redefining Team-Win: The Making of a Great Team

    By Dr John Ng

    “We were more selfish as players (in the past). I wanted to do everything but it’s a different game these days.” – Diego Maradona Argentinian soccer great “It shows you that a team is not just one player. A player can win the tournament for you, like Argentina with Maradona [in 1996] but, in the end, everything […]

  • Committed Friendship

    By Peter Chao

    Sydney Smith reminds us that “life is to be fortified by many friendships. To love, and be loved, is the greatest happiness of existence.” Meaningful relationships certainly contribute to a person’s well being and heighten personal fulfillment. In his research, Alan Loy McGinnis found that “friendship is the springboard to every other love. People with […]

  • Hands form strong bonds to represent shared leadership

    Leadership Is To Be Shared

    By Michael Tan

    The fruit of success will be sweeter if it is not just a single person calling the shots. In his book, Empowered Leaders, Hans Finzel writes, “The leader’s first task is to build a leadership team. Yet finding the right leaders can be the greatest challenge.” The challenges, pressure, and stress that people in leadership […]

Daily Quotes

Integrity is a core ingredient: Leaders and organizations fail when their leaders put their own interest ahead of that of the organization.

Yunsok Chang – Group Executive, GP&S Region Lead, MasterCard Worldwide, Global Products & Solutions
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