Leadership.com.sg was born out of a desire to provide leaders everywhere with a substantial flow of high-quality leadership resources. By offering insights from leading experts in various fields, we hope to support you in your journey to becoming a more effective leader.

We believe that conversations catalyze change and hope that this website will be a springboard for meaningful exchanges. Join us and be part of this online community of leaders and learners!

About ELI

Eagles Leadership Institute (ELI) is a ministry of Eagles Communications which seeks to genuinely live and creatively share the authentic, transforming experience of grace and truth in God.

ELI’s vision is to grow and nurture leaders to be God-centred PERSONS by transforming their PERSPECTIVES, developing healthy PARTNERSHIPS, and empowering them for quality PERFORMANCE in both church and the marketplace.

As an organization with Asian roots, we strive to leave a legacy of effective leaders in Asia. Using our model, experience, and network, we seek to impact Asian societies through the witness of Christian communities led by God-Centred leaders.

Find us at www.eli.org.sg for more information about ELI’s latest programs and events.