• What Contributes to Low Self-Esteem? (Part 3)

      We completed three factors: #1    Dysfunction Family Upbringing #2   Unrealized Self-Expectations #3   Underperforming Significant Others’ Expectations   This week, we will discuss three other factors #4   Failing to Recover from Bad Past Experiences #5   Failure to Fulfill our Dreams and Aspirations #6    Failure to Recover from Devastating Failures or Tragedies

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  • What Contributes to Low Self-Esteem? (Part 2)

    We started with the first two factors: #1    Dysfunction Family Upbringing #2   Unrealized Self-Expectations   This week, we deal with the third factor: #3   Underperforming Significant Others’ Expectations     Factor #3    Underperforming Significant Others’ Expectations   “Frequent failures will deflate our egos.” John Ng   Bosses and

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  • What Contributes to Low Self-Esteem
    (Part 1)

        There are 6 Factors that can damage our self-worth. These are factors that I have personally encountered in my own life. Understanding them is the first step towards healthier self-esteem.   As we go through these factors, if we are honest, each one

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  • Low Self-Esteem Leaders Can Kill Teams… The Eight Symptoms(Part 3)

      This is a three part series. Click here to read Part 1 and Part 2 of the series.   I covered six of the eight symptoms in the previous articles. Here, I continue to dig deeper into the two remaining symptoms and include some

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  • Low Self-Esteem Leaders Can Kill Teams… The Eight Symptoms(Part 2)

          In the previous article, I highlighted three symptoms of leaders with low self-esteem and the actions they take. I delve into three other symptoms in this article, and will deal with more in the coming article.   Suppressing peers who are better

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    Low Self-Esteem Leaders Can Kill Teams… The Eight Symptoms(Part 1)

      “It’s hard for employees to believe in their leaders if their leaders don’t believe in themselves. When a leader lacks trust in THEMSELVES employees can feel like the lack of trust is in THEM.” Margarita Tartakovsky   One key factor why teams fail is because

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  • Reinventing Ourselves as Seniors…How to stay relevant?

        Over the years, I have seen seniors flourish and perish. Like the old adage says: ‘Old soldiers never die, they simply fade away’. There are a number of lessons I have learnt as I grow older. These lessons help me stay real, relevant

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  • How can seniors overcome setbacks in life… The Story Of Matsushita

    “Youth is not a time of your life. It is a state of mind’ Samuel Ullman    ____________________________ Konosuke Matsushita (I894- I989)   One of the most amazing seniors in history is Konosuke Matsushita. Inspite of all the setbacks in his life, he has the

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  • respect for seniors

    Six Sure Ways to Energize Seniors@Work

      Seniors are among the most under-utilized resources of our world and they often feel undermined, unappreciated and unwanted.   A week ago, I witnessed the retirement of a good friend, a 50-year old Navy Senior Lieutenant-Colonel, a commander of a squadron of ships.  

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  • smart phone obsession

    Smart Phone Obsession, a Bane in the Family…A Reunion Meditation

      I recently read a heart-wrenching story of a nine-year-old boy named Xiaozhi, from Central China. He tugged at the hearts of many when his essay describing his cry for attention from his phone-addict father, went viral. His essay was posted on Weibo on Jan 17

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  • Why Respect is Important in Asian Conflict Management

    “Respect is a lost art among younger leaders in conflict management.” John Ng   One of my most ardent readers of Dr. John’s Leads, Stephen Yong, feels that my articles on how Asians tend to manage conflict is often slanted negatively. He challenges me to

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  • When Avoiding Conflict is Unhealthy…

    “Avoidance becomes unhealthy when it becomes a patterned behavior and norm.” John Ng   Avoidance becomes unhealthy when it becomes a patterned behavior and norm. We use it inappropriately in most conflicts. Avoidance also can have a boomerang effect on the avoider. Studies have shown

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  • When Avoiding Conflict Is Healthy…

    “We have to be careful that we don’t fight over nothing and for nothing.” John Ng   Avoidance in conflict is not always wrong. There are conflict situations where avoidance should be encouraged. Here are some situations when avoidance is the best policy.   Highly-charged

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  • Ten Reasons Why Asians Avoid Conflict (Part Three)

    ‘Avoidance breeds avoidance, which then becomes a perpetual habit of conflict aversion.’   In our last article, we have discussed the subject of why Asians tend to avoid conflict.  These are some more reasons why people tend to avoid conflict.   Fear of Consequences –

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  • Ten Reasons Why Asians Avoid Conflict (Part Two)

    In our last article, we have discussed the subject of why Asians tend to avoid conflict.  These are some more reasons why people tend to avoid conflict.   The Power Distance Gap – The Wai  and Yes hierarchy factor In Thailand, there are certain social

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  • Ten Reasons Why Asians Avoid Conflict (Part One)

      When our hearts are at war, we can’t see clearly. We give ourselves the best opportunity to make clear-minded decisions only to the extent that our hearts are at peace. —The Arbinger Institute   Cats have a certain demure and innocent look. They sit

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  • ‘Smiling Tiger, Hidden Dragon’…A Deeper Understanding

    Employees behaved like children and were treated as children by their superiors. In the Asian culture, children never contradict or have disputes with their fathers, even though they might differ.   I was first introduced to the ‘Smiling Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ practice when I was

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  • Why I am passionate about Peace-Making?

      “In conflict management, I am an expert outside but a novice at home!” John Ng   Our lives are ensnared with conflicts. Everyone knows conflict is inevitable and it is almost an everyday affair.   Have you met employees who seem so agreeable at

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  • 7 Sure Ways to Succeed in Changing Yourself

    Have you ever wondered why very few people succeed in their effort to change? Or do you know why you are not able to make your change permanent? Here are the 7 fundamental elements you can do sustain your change and performance.

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  • The 7 Most Common Mistakes of Coaches!

    Coaching has become a necessary tool for managers and leaders today. However, many coaches don’t perform well in their role. Here are 7 reasons why.

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  • How to maximize the coaching relationship?
    It all depends on YOU

    Coaching can be a most exhilarating or a most frustrating experience for both the coach and the coachee. It all depends primarily on the coachee not the coach. Often, we think that effective coaching depends on the coach. From my experience in executive coaching, a

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  • Coaching Well – The Missing Competence in Leaders Today!

      Coaching Well – The Missing Competence in Leaders Today! Every leader needs a coach. Every leader needs to be a coach. Coaching is the missing piece in leadership today. Coaching is a core competence of leaders.  Why do we need leaders who need coaching

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  • Making A Difference with Your Differences…Managing Diversity in the Workplace

      “Differences can become opportunities for growth or occasions for disaster.” John Ng   Differences can make or break your workplace or family! It is not differences that will break a relationship but how we manage differences that will either make or break relationships at

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  • The Lost and Found Boys in ChiangRai Cave: The Price and Prize of One Life! (Part Two)

    Many of the deepest crevices in the cave remained unmapped. The last known survey was done in 1980. If you are lost, you are completely isolated. No GPS, no Wi-Fi, no cell phone service.

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  • The Lost and Found Boys in ChiangRai Cave: The Price and Prize of One Life!

      “This is the price and prize of one life. No cost was too great to sacrifice. No amount of human effort put in was too much to expand. No price was too high to pay. To save one life.” John Ng   “If we

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  • Why Are People So Angry Today?

    Why Are People So Angry Today? Rage is on the rise. People are angry. Very angry. Look at what has happened in our world.

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  • Greed,Money,Corruption

    Why is greed so rampant today?

    Why is greed so rampant today? “Greed lives on the axiom, ‘Never enough’.” Greed thrives on lack of transparency and disclosure — or sometimes, even confusion. Fear, its emotional sibling, prevents corporations from making honest disclosures.

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  • How Fear Can Overwhelm And Derail You

    We are living in troubling times. Four out of ten Singaporeans cited ‘losing their jobs’ as their top fear in times of recession. In the US, ‘being unable to pay their mortgage or rent’ was Americans’ greatest fear.

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  • Why Is Peace So Highly Valued?

    My Personal Reflection on Trump-Kim’s Summit   photo: The Australian   “Peace begins with a smile.” Mother Teresa I have been following the US-North Korea conflict over the past year. We were so close to an inevitable nuclear war but something miraculous happened. The on-off

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  • Why People Don’t Flourish In Their Work?

    “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” Albert Einstein Albert Einstein wasn’t able to speak until he was almost four years old and his teachers

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