• How You Can Deceive Yourself: The Deceitfulness of Self-Deception

    By Dr John Ng

    “Anyone who has ever tasted the ‘good life’ of power, fame and materialism will always be tempted to justify themselves.” Dr John Ng Unleashing the Greatness in You: The Power of Self-Leadership     I am fascinated with the phenomenon of self-deception — how people can fool themselves into thinking they can get away with […]

  • Love What You Do

    By Alvin Ung

    Loving what we do is the radical call to savor joy in small things everyday. When we do small things with great love, we spread contagious joy everywhere.

  • Be Willing To Be Wrong

    By Paul McGee

    Focus, determination and confidence are all traits to be admired as strengths. Yet I also believe they could be the reasons for a person’s downfall.

  • The Leader’s Devotional Life

    By Michael Tan

    Some practical help for busy leaders to maintain a healthy devotional life on the go.

  • A guy holding the globe

    The Drawbacks Of An Over-functioning Leader

    By Geri Scazzero

    The journey into a profound spirituality for me began when I finally said, “I quit.” Refusing to continue pretending everything was “fine,” I told my husband, Pete, I was quitting the church – and he was the pastor! The powerful journey we took together – to “quit” the things that really do not belong to […]

  • How Do I Lead Myself?

    By Rev Edmund Chan

    Leadership Is Hard Leadership is one of the hardest things to do. It is a multi-dimensional function. You see, when most people think of leadership, they often think of downward leadership (leading subordinates for whom they are responsible). This is sometimes difficult for a complexity of reasons. Yet that is not the whole terrain of […]

  • What is Self-Leadership?

    By Dr John Ng

    “Exceptional leaders distinguish themselves because of superior self-leadership.” – Daniel Goleman GREAT leadership is a cultivated art. It begins with self- leadership. Because at the center of leadership is the person who, more than anything else makes the difference. Leadership success or failure begins with how the leader approaches self-leadership. Bill Hybels, a noted  leader of one […]

  • Have You got the Confidence to go M.A.D.?

    By Paul McGee

    Making A Difference (M.A.D) means looking outside yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone to benefit others. In doing so, we are also helping ourselves! Find out why.

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